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Posted by Nelson on July 26, 2010 ♪ 1 Comment

Yep, they're now enabled in the comments. So for those who're not yet familiar with them, it's time you get your own and try it out — HERE!

What of me? Heh. I just moved in to a new place. The monthly package is, without a question, delightfully complete, but I still find the price quite out of the ordinary. A while ago I tried computing what'll be left of me after all monthly dues go off my salary. I will have to dig deep to last for at least a year. Sad, I know. So shall we get ourselves some booze for now?

Textures, Anyone?

Textures, Anyone?

Posted by Nelson on June 28, 2010 ♪ 5 Comments

Some time ago I had the strongest lust to make textures and with a few dumb luck, a number of abstract, sized 1024x768 ones were born. But because of my narrow thinking then, I scaled them down to 800x600. They've been sleeping in my drive for a while already so I decided to make use of them as icon textures instead. The latest one, Waveffect, was accomplished through a tutorial (sorry, forgot where).

I do hope these additions find themselves helpful to other people (I personally find it pretty hard to utilize them though). The first three Earl and Fairy avatars had a taste of 'em. Tell me if you've had any success, 'kay?

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