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Posted by Nelson on February 24, 2010 ♪ No Comments

HaloScan, the commenting tool used here, is closing down. Now, should I code my own? Probably. The upcoming layout's been waiting to be coded and I just can't find the right time to finish it because I'm planning to restructure the database at the same time...

Holy Week is coming and I've been abstaining from a number of things already — including cramming. If all goes well, I might be able to change the site's look and feel before this year's schooling ends.

B'Lated 'Py N'yir~!

B'Lated 'Py N'yir~!

Posted by Jaja on January 20, 2010 ♪ No Comments

Hiya~! Jaja here. Belated Happy New Year :)
I guess everyone's started to do their New Year's Resolution by now, ne?

Anyways, here are my icons for this new year~

Most new animes for the Winter season 2009/2010 weren't that interesting to me, so it'll be icons from the completed series >.> *sigh* Hope the Summer season'll be better!

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