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Rewritten (Bug Alert!)

Rewritten (Bug Alert!)

Posted by Nelson on June 6, 2010 ♪ 3 Comments

After looking for more links to exchange with today, I finally had the guts to try rewriting URL's again. As it turns out, it was only the case that I hardly had any luck with the search results during my first attempts. Pages are now displayed with clean URL's, except those which are beyond my immediate control. Along the way, bugs were seen lurking again.

Jaja, my college classmate and staff, is attending the one-year program I took just last year. With all the fun I had, I just couldn't help feeling excited for her. And while I'm at it, I'm still looking for staff (please check out the previous post). Hehe. And...if you spot another bug, hit me!

Wanted: Staff?

Wanted: Staff?

Posted by Nelson on May 28, 2010 ♪ 3 Comments

Hi guys. How do you like the new look? Can't believe it took me more than a year to replace Near. In any case, doesn't it feel very refreshing? :P The changes include user interactivity and better data handling at the back end. Most of you won't be able to relate (or even care!) to what I meant with the latter, but let's just keep it for happiness' sake. Haha.

Next month or any time soon I'll start hunting for a job. In the face of my confidence, I hope to land on one fast. Because of this, I might barely have time for the site. If you (yes, you!) are willing to work as a staff, please consider applying. Qualifications include:

Send samples to agith@flirt-wind.net for me to decide if you can be part of A.G.I.T.H. :) Jaa~!

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