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jQuery Mania

jQuery Mania

Posted by Nelson on October 10, 2012 ♪ 3 Comments

My current job requires me to learn the dreaded JavaScript library which instantly makes your pages sleek. Apparently it's not that difficult to use, although I find it disheartening how these days you basically no longer have to do that much coding because almost everything's already served on your plate. The current layout will have to stay a little longer as I'll be prioritizing learning more on scripting.

Weekdays have been filled with physical and social activities this year while weekends are allotted for Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, and One Piece, which explains why my previous post is dated January. I also finally watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This December I intend to take JLPT N4 but I still haven't thoughtfully thought of studying with all my might. Sucks, man. I might end up ditching it.

A few days ago I was checking on my links and learned that three are closing down. Well, sometimes we just gotta let some things go. As long as the Internet itself goes down, I'd say all my sites will have to stay up.

14 New Series

14 New Series

Posted by Nelson on January 10, 2012 ♪ 7 Comments

Gah! Overslept again. My Tuesday night's almost over so let's get this over quick because I still have to produce some park backdrop.

And that's a wrap! Expect a new look for the site this year, presumably before the world ends. One Piece is still eating most of my time. I have to catch up fast. Shinnen akemashite omedetou!

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