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Losing the Drive

Losing the Drive

Posted by Nelson on February 24, 2014 ♪ 2 Comments

Lea Michele - Cannonball, American Authors - Best Day of My Life

And just like that, it's been a year since the last post already. Time is such a nasty being. Life of a Dragon (truly in my case) has never been easy since the Wood Horse began. Struggling financially even until this point with the thirst to shift into a new career for good, things have probably never been this disheartening. In fact, I'm on my third unpaid sick leave today due to my seemingly annual blisters. One can never get so unlucky, ne.

Four Shingeki no Kyojin avatars have been added today. The anime is next to Death Note in terms of suspense for me. It was simply on tenterhooks. Currently I'm watching Sword Art Online as suggested by the same friend who told me about Attack on Titan. It's getting weirder with each episode.

275 Avatars Down

275 Avatars Down

Posted by Nelson on January 21, 2013 ♪ 7 Comments

So that's it? 2012's over with only two posts in AGITH? Tch. Not enticing. It just shows how I suck at managing time. I'll try to work on it this year. And to accomplish that, I'll cut down the drinking... Kanpai~

In any case, this site has gotten another year older. My additions may have diminished over time but as of now I still don't have plans of shutting down. What would that do, anyway? When New Year struck I purged all the links that were still missing until the very last minute. Thinking about it now, I should've saved their final click count for restoration in case they spring back to life.

Lastly, missing-nin, of Poisoned Mist, shut her site down and has benevolently agreed that I host most of her avatars. 275 from 43 series(es?) kicked the snake, skyrocketing the count to 681.

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