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New Year Overhaul

New Year Overhaul

Posted by Nelson on December 31, 2008 ♪ No Comments

Whew! I don't know what to say. I am extremely overwhelmed that finally...the layout that's been sleeping in my computer for ages has served its purpose. Together with this is the promised database-driven site. Adding an avatar and update will no longer require me logging in to my FTP account and manually editing the pages. I've spent many nights ending up at six in the morning coding everything. I still ought to do some clean up though.

It's a big thanks to my affiliate Yukie for this major step forward. I might not have told her yet, but I was really inspired by her. Kudos, Yukie!

I've temporarily removed the donated and non-anime avatars I previously had. I'm still thinking of what to do best. Lastly, three new avatars — one from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and two from Vampire Knight — and a new affiliate, Sairah. Enjoy!

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