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Link Exchange?

Link Exchange?

Posted by Nelson on January 14, 2009 ♪ No Comments

Since I started the new site I have been constantly adding affiliates and link exchanges. However, lately, some have gone astray. I have temporarily removed two, one from each.

With regard to this, I would like to seek for more sites to exchange links with. I'm a webmaster who tends to always drop by all the sites who're linked to his. As long as you have an update, you might always find me being there in time. If you're interested, please consider a few simple rules.

Plug: Yukie, for making me two linking buttons.

Moved Back

Moved Back

Posted by Nelson on January 6, 2009 ♪ No Comments

As you can see, I've moved back to where I was previously hosted. Apparently my host was on vacation that's why it took her a while to make me a reply. Above anything else, I'd like to thank ChanLu for the immediate hosting I needed then. My fanlistings will still be situated under them.

26 avatars have been re-uploaded, all from Euri. They're from Ayashi no Ceres, Bleach, Pastel, Prince of Tennis, and X/1999.

Everyone, please change your links back to: http://agith.cerestia.net/ Salamat!

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