The Staff

History & Name

A Glimpse Into The Horizon, originally named Philippine Animé back in 2004, was a fansite collective. 'Til the end of 2008, it was only able to provide three sites: Flaming Arms (Flame of Recca), Seek Out! (Hunter x Hunter), and Live. Love. Life. (Super GALS!). Consequently, a graphics-resource site was born. Before, the site's homes were GeoCities and FreeWebs. The fansites live up to this day, toiling for survival.

The name originated from the domain previously pwned by a then highly-regarded young girl who apparently loved hopping from one domain to another. Of course, the domain's been long dead by now.


Version 3 features characters from Hiiro no Kakera. I don't personally know anything about it; I just took interest in the picture especially the way it looked when I duplicated it and changed the blending mode. Again, no brushes were used on this one and hardly any layer completed it.

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